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Tao Drinks
Article 1
CARLSBERG IMPORTERS, Industrielaan 16-20, 1740 Ternat (Belgium) (hereafter referred to in this document as “the Organiser”) is organising a TAO promotion under the name “TAO Shuttle”. The entire promotion is a private event in which people can participate by presenting a unique code that they receive with the purchase of a Tao. An obligation to purchase applies for participation in this promotion.

Article 2
The promotion starts on 18 July 2015 and runs through until 16 August 2015.
Participation in the promotion is possible using the application that is available online.
Participation in this promotion is open to everyone.

Article 3
Participation in the promotion is possible by downloading the “TAO Shuttle” application on iOS or Android.

Article 4
All costs for participating in the contest (such as Internet connection and so on) are entirely at the participant's expense. Under no circumstances may participants claim their participation costs from the Organiser.

Article 5
Any attempt at fraud is punishable by immediate exclusion of the participant.
Participation is exclusively under your own name, and participants may under no circumstances play under multiple pseudonyms or on behalf of other participants. In the event of multiple participations, including by means of different email addresses (or by multiple identities or any other means of registering multiple times), all participations will be refused and will be considered invalid.
The Organiser reserves the right to check this information based on a personal identification card.

Article 6
The vehicle may only be operated by the driver that appears on the contract.
This driver must have a valid driving licence that is recognised in Belgium and must be at least 21 years old.
The vehicle must be used with all due care, which specifically, but by no means only, excludes the use of devices such as a walkman, a mobile phone that cannot be operated hands-free and so on, while driving.
The vehicle is to be used for normal, ordinary and non-damaging use on asphalted or paved roads that are suitable and passable for motor vehicles. The vehicle must preferably only be used on the pre-programmed routes.
Civil liability
The hired vehicle is insured for civil liability in accordance with the legal provisions and the Royal Decree of 14 December 1992 relating to the model agreement.

Article 7
The Organiser cannot be held responsible for technical problems with the online application. The Organiser can also not be held responsible for any incompatibility between the technologies used for the commercial promotion and the hardware and/or software configuration that the participant uses. Participation in the promotion implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, particularly regarding technical performance, the risk of interruptions and, more generally, the risks inherent in any connection and transfer over the Internet, the lack of security on certain data against any re-routing, and the risks of contamination by possible viruses on the network.
Consequently the Organiser can in no instance be held liable for:
Transmissions over the Internet
Poor functioning of the Internet and/or the software used
The consequences of viruses, bugs, anomalies or technical defects
Any technical, hardware and software defects of any kind
The Organiser cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage as a result of any disruption or any malfunctions, the exclusion of participants or the termination of the contest for any reason. This also applies for any direct or indirect damage arising from a connection with the “TAO Shuttle” application.
Each participant must take all necessary steps to protect his own data and/or the software programs on his computer system and/or his site from any damage. The connection to the “TAO Shuttle” application and participation in the promotion are under the full responsibility of the participants.

Article 8
The Organiser of this competition reserves the right to make changes to this promotion or to the conduct of the promotion and/or to the rules if unforeseen circumstances beyond his control justify doing so. The Organiser cannot be held liable if, for reasons beyond his control, the promotion has to be interrupted, postponed or cancelled. Any case that is not expressly provided for in these rules, shall be decided upon by the organiser alone.
The Organiser’s decision is final.

Article 9
In line with the provisions in national legislation regarding protection of privacy. Protection of personal data: the Organiser shall inform the participants of the storage of their personal details in a database that is used exclusively for internal purposes and for the promotion and sale of its products. The Organiser may only use this information if the participant grants his express permission to do so when participating in the competition. The person concerned will be informed of this data on request. The person concerned has at all time the right to view, correct and object to the processing of this data, free of charge.
If the participant does not wish to continue to receive emails or mailings about our company or Carlsberg products, he can send a letter to Carlsberg Importers, whose address is provided in Article 1.

Article 10
The rules of the competition are available on the website

Article 11
The Organiser cannot be held responsible for the loss or destruction of participators’ data.

Article 12
By participating in this promotion, all of the participants agree to the conditions set out in these rules. No correspondence will be entered into with regard to the rules, the question or the mechanism of the promotion, either by phone or in writing. These rules are subject to Belgian law. In the event of any disputes the Courts and Tribunals of Brussels shall have jurisdiction.

Article 13
The idea of the “TAO Shuttle” promotion is as follows: On purchasing one beverage from Tao product range, the participant receives a unique code giving him 1 credit. One credit entitles the participant to one ride with the TAO Shuttle. (1 ride = 1 credit)
The entire promotion is a private event in which people can participate by presenting the unique code that they receive with the purchase of a Tao.

The shuttles operate solely within the territory of the municipality of Knokke-Heist. No specific route has been defined. The shuttles operate from 10 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Shuttles that are used for specific events operate until the end of the event.

The way this promotion works is as follows:

  • The participant downloads the application.
  • The participant registers (his details will be submitted by means of the GPS on his mobile).
  • The participant uses the unique code that he received with the purchase of one beverage from the TAO product range.
  • The participant checks where the shuttles are located and which shuttle is free.
  • The participant makes an appointment/orders his shuttle.
  • The driver brings the participant to his requested location within Knokke-Heist. As soon as the driver has dropped off the participant at his destination, the trip/shuttle has ended. If the participant wants to use a shuttle again, he or she must obtain/enter a new code. The shuttles operate solely within the territory of the municipality of Knokke-Heist post-code 8300. Shuttles absolutely will not travel outside of this zone.
  • The driver can take a maximum of 4 people per vehicle.
  • The driver reserves the right to refuse service to people who are drunk or who exhibit aggressive behaviour.
  • Children under the age of 3 must always ride in an approved child safety seat. Children   aged 3 to 8 must always wear a safety belt or be seated in a child safety seat.

Participants can contact the Organiser at

Article 14
Nothing from or relating to this promotion may be reproduced or published without the express prior written permission from the Organiser.


Privacy Statement

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Under this legislation you can view the information Carlsberg Importers has about you and have corrections made if necessary. The information can be used for commercial purposes. The Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy will be strictly respected when using this information.

3. Non-personal identification information collected automatically – In some instances, Carlsberg Importers will collect information that is not personal in nature, such as what browser version or computer operating system a visitor uses, IP addresses assigned by providers, etc. This information helps Carlsberg Importers better tune the website to the wishes and preferences of visitors.

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